Visual Culture Resources

This page contains valuable links to websites related to internet-based resources useful in the academic study of media and communication, some websites are not necessarily a scholarly source, but a good resource for ideas and discussion about current topics in visual culture. Includes links to scholarly articles and useful web resources on advertising, photography, TV/radio, and more. It’s a very comprehensive collection of links, many related to visual communication. The collection of advertising-related links is particularly strong.

Aesthetics and Visual Culture

Links to a variety of online resources related to visual culture.

Martin Irvine home page

Irvine teaches visual culture courses at Georgetown University. His course web pages include links to online versions of many important readings in visual culture, as well as information from his own lectures and publications.

Voice of the Shuttle: Media Studies

Topics include TV, film/video, comics, and consumerism/advertising, as well as links to general media studies and media theory resources.


Advertising Texts

Links to articles analyzing print and television ads, from Calvin Klein to Coca-Cola.


The AdCritic section of this site is a good source of examples of print, TV, and multimedia ads. (The library also subscribes to Creativity magazine in print.)


Cartoon Research Library

Online resources include digital albums, online exhibits, and links to information about cartoons and comics.

Bibliography of (primarily print) resources for comics scholars, including books and academic journals.


“A peer-reviewed open access journal dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of comics and related media.”


Film Studies Resources: Journals and Magazines

Links to film-focused scholarly journals and magazines.


“We absorb, filter, review, and interpret cinema for your entertainment and enlightenment.” Featured films range from Snakes on a Plane to The Passion of the Christ to Who Framed Roger Rabbit?.


Cartoons against the Axis

The Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art’s online exhibition about a 1942 effort by cartoonists to promote the war effort.

The Chairman Smiles

Digitized images of propaganda posters from Cuba, China, and the former Soviet Union.

Posters of Conflict: the Visual Culture of Public Information and Counter Information 1914-2005

This collaborative project between Manchester Metropolitan University and the Imperial War Museum includes two online exhibitions dealing with World War I propaganda posters.


The Po-Mo Page

Definitions and background information about postmodernism from Georgetown University professor Martin Irvine.

Postmodern Thought

Links to information and resources about postmodernism, including the writings of important scholars.


Links to information about semiotics, essays by important scholars, and examples of semiotic analyses.

Semiotics for Beginners

Online semiotics textbook by Daniel Chandler of the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. Includes a glossary of terms.

Sign : Signifier : Signified

Transcript and audio file (RealAudio and MediaPlayer) of a radio program that “examines the strengths and weaknesses of semiotic analysis through the example of billboard advertising.”


Art Crimes: The Writing on the Wall

Photos and images of graffiti from around the world, including war protests and murals inspired by the Sept. 11 attacks.

Invisible Culture

Peer-reviewed electronic journal “dedicated to explorations of the material and political dimensions of cultural practices.”

Visual Culture and Public Health Posters

Online exhibit from the National Library of Medicine on the use of images to convey public health information via posters.


“The goal of this site is to explore the ways in which rhetoric, visual culture, and pedagogy interact with and inform each other.”