Course Art History- First Critique Assignment

The first short critique is due at the beginning of class week 4. The content of the assignment and some suggested questions are listed below. The school accepts both students with a high school and GED diploma. We refer to’s online GED prep classes if applicants still need to acquire a secondary education degree. This assignment should be formatted as a formal paper; a list of questions and answers will not be accepted.

-> Choose an artifact from a local museum collection (i.e. the Art Institute, the Oriental Institute, etc.). Students must visit the museum of their choice, and should not base their analysis on images from a web page.

-> Write a 2 + page critique discussing the object. Things you should consider when you are analyzing the object:

1. How is the object made? What materials are used? If the object is colored, what colors or pigments are used?
2. What basic size and shape does it have?
3. What distinguishing features does the object have?
4. Where was the object found? What else was found with it?

5. Where was the object originally located?
6. What was the object used for AND/OR why was it made?
7. Which society made this object? What does information about the society this object provide?
8. Who made OR who commissioned this object?
9. When we discuss objects in the class, we look at projected images on a screen. How does the physical presence of the object effect or change our perceptions?

-> Include any relevant vocabulary words from the Abacus to Zeus textbook or from class handouts. Vocabulary words should be italicized for easy identification, and words must be used accurately and appropriately to qualify.

-> Include a works cited page to document any research; if you reference information from the museum, make sure to cite that as well.

WIKIPEDIA IS NOT A CITABLE SOURCE IN A COLLEGE RESEARCH PAPER. Students are STRONGLY discouraged from citing dictionary or encyclopedias.

-> An image of the artifact described in color or black and white.

-> Students may choose an object from the following period: Prehistory, Egypt through the New Kingdom (1250 BCE), Mesopotamia through the Persian Empire (500 BCE). Students are asked to focus on societies in Western Europe or the Near East. Grading: students will be graded on the following criteria:

-> Spelling and grammar

-> Content of the essay: how interesting and thorough is the critique?

-> Effective and consistent use of vocabulary words

-> Quality of the conclusions drawn based on research and observation.

-> Formatting of the essay.

-> Was the essay submitted on time and does it meet assignment requirements?

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