Art School Scholarships

The art field is usually not considered to be a lucrative profession. In any case, it is tougher to find a strong footing in the world of art than it is in other branches of learning. However, in the present day, the scope for arts has opened up immensely and several new kinds of artistic courses have been initiated. Take also a look at this video with artwork of the AAA Graduating class of 2015:

Besides traditional arts such as dance, music, theater, and writing, there are other artistic fields such as pottery, culinary arts and many others which are in vogue today. The only roadblock for these courses is their cost. They tend to be very expensive. This does not mean that you should forfeit your art education. You can apply for an art scholarship and enjoy your art career.

Scholarships for Art School Offered by Colleges

Almost every art college offers scholarships to students who deserve financial aid. Your talent makes a lot of difference when you apply for a scholarship. Since colleges have a fixed limit for scholarship funds, a select few are chosen for the aid. Given below are some colleges which offer excellent scholarships. To learn more about the AAA Shapiro Library in Chicago click here.

Southampton College LIU Art Scholarship leads the list. It offers scholarships worth $1.5 million through its program called LIU Academic Awards. Each student can obtain up to $5,000. The basis for this scholarship is an excellent ACT/SAT score along with a good GPA. Earlier you apply, better are your chances of obtaining the scholarship.

Loyola University offers scholarships under its Loyola University Academic Excellence Scholarships program. In the first year, students can obtain from $2,000 to $20,000. However, obtaining this scholarship is tough and the competition is tougher. Merit, brilliance and community service are considered while selecting students for these scholarships. Aid is available in visual arts, theater arts, and music courses.

Hope College Distinguished Artist Awards are given by Hope College to students who excel in academics and artistic skills. Sixty students are chosen every year and they get $2,500 for each of the four years of study and make sure you learn all about art history once you apply.

The Cornish College of the Arts Scholarship is provided based on financial need as well as merit. Applications need to be put in by February 15 every year and students have to undergo an audition where their eligibility is tested. If found eligible, a student gets 40 percent of his tuition fees in the form of scholarship.

Screen Actors Guild Scholarships are also available for students wanting to study theater arts. However, in order to be eligible for the scholarship, the student either has to be a member of Actors Guild or the student’s parents have to be a member of this association. The list of stipulations needed to be fulfilled to become eligible for this scholarship is very long. But if you get through the selection process, the aid provided is good enough to get you through the entire course comfortably.

The Scholastic Alliance for Young Artists and Writers offers more than one million dollars in scholarships. These aids are available in twenty-six varied categories and are open for students between 7th and 12th grade. Besides these general scholarships, several bodies provide scholarships for specific fields of study. For example, Nolan Moore Educational Scholarship which offers $2,500 yearly aid is available for students who are currently pursuing a four-year degree in graphic design.

Best Way to Get Art Scholarships

The best way to obtain art scholarships is to perform brilliantly in academics and create a strong portfolio which you can show to the selection committee. Your talent in arts is one of the most important things which is considered by the jury. Apart from your talent, there are other things which you need to be mindful of. See also this post about Museums in Chicago.

Firstly, apply for the scholarship well in advance of the deadline to improve your chances. Secondly, make sure that all required documents are attached with the application. One of the saddest things which can happen is to lose out on a scholarship you deserved only because you did not read the requirements precisely. Thirdly, do not leave anything to chance. Do as much as you can in order to strengthen your chances. Contact previous winners and find out if they had done something extra for the scholarship. If you know, directly or indirectly, a visiting professor, guest lecturer or an official related to the college, try to get letters of recommendation from him or her. This can really improve your chances. Despite putting in all these efforts, you need to remember that finally, your skills and talents matter the most.

Different art scholarships are available in the present day. However, there are divided thoughts about applying for multiple scholarships. While some say that multiple applications increase your chance of obtaining a scholarship, others debate that being accepted by more than one will force you to reject one scholarship and you might fall from favor of that college, which is undesirable. There are a number of online scholarships available these days, which you can apply to. The requirements for these scholarships are lower and they are easier to get.