Art History-Third Critique Assignment

Second assignment: the content of the assignment and some suggested questions are listed below. This assignment should be formatted as a formal paper; a list of questions and answers will not be accepted.

Choose an artifact from the Byzantine empire or from western Europe through the 9th century. Students are reminded to choose an art object, not a functional object our tool from the period, although architectural structures are acceptable. Students can reference any reputable websites; the library website has some useful links.

Write a 2-page critique discussing the object. Things you should consider when you are analyzing the object:

1. How is the object made? What materials are used? If the object is colored, what colors or pigments are used?
2. What basic shape does it have?
3. What is the size of the object?
4. What distinguishing features does the object have?

5. Where was the object originally located?
6. What was the object used for AND/OR why was it made?
7. Which society made this object?
8. Who made and/or who commissioned this object?
9. Now that we are dealing with societies with documented, extensive histories, how does this object fit into their social, religious or political history?

– Include a works cited page and make sure to cite your sources in-text when necessary.

Students are STRONGLY discouraged from citing dictionary or encyclopedias; reference materials are located in the library if students require
additional resources.

– An image of the artifact described.

Grading: students will be graded on the following criteria:
– Spelling and grammar
– Content of the essay: how interesting and thorough is the critique?
– Effective and consistent use of vocabulary words.
– Quality of the conclusions drawn based on research and observation.
– Discussion of the object and its historical context, using information from lecture and any necessary research.
– Formatting of the essay.
– Was the essay submitted on time and does it meet assignment requirements?

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