Art History-Final Critique Assignment

Final Assignment
Students are asked to choose their own “patron saint.” Students should use From Abacus to Zeus and other available resources to choose a saint.

Students should produce an image of the saint in a medieval or Byzantine art style.

Students must submit a 1-page document explaining why they chose the depicted saint, how they chose to represent him/her, and which style they imitated in their image.

Students may choose from any medieval or Byzantine art style, including manuscripts, mosaic, panel-work, tapestry, etc.

Descriptions should demonstrate an understanding of the saint him or herself, and an understanding of the different and diverse art-making traditions associated with western Europe in the medieval period and the art of the Byzantine empire.

Students should include any and all relevant and applicable vocabulary words in their discussion.

All research must be accurately documented in a bibliography. Grading: students will be graded on the following criteria:

Spelling and grammar

Content of the assignment: how interesting and thorough discussion and the accompanying image?

Effective and consistent use of vocabulary words.

Quality of the conclusions drawn based on research and observation.

Discussion of the object and its historical context, using information from lecture and any necessary research.

Formatting of the essay.

Was the essay submitted on time and does it meet assignment requirements?

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