MLA Citation

Examples of Works Cited:


1 2 3 4 5

Tan, Amy. The Bonesetter’s Daughter. New York: Putnam, 2001.

1. Author’s name. Last Name, First Name.

2. The title and subtitle underlined.

3. Place of publication

4. Publisher.

5. Date of publication.


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Peterson, Susan Lynn. The Life of Martin Luther. 1999. 9 Mar. 2006



1. Name of the author or corporate author (if known).

2. Title of the site, underlined.

3. Date of publication or last update.

5. Date of access.

6. URL in angle brackets.

Electronic Journal Article

1 2 3 4 5

Nicholson, Geoff. “The Warhol Thing.” Modern Painters 15.1 (Spr 2012). WilsonSelectPlus.

6 7 8

FirstSearch. American Academy of Art Library, Chicago, IL. 1 Dec. 2016.

1. The author’s name.

2. Title of the article in quotation marks.

3. Title of the magazine, underlined.

4. Magazine issue and date information.

5. Name of the databases, underlined.

6. Name of the service, neither underlined or in quotations.

7. The name and location of the library where you retrieved the article.

8. The date the article was retrieved.

For More MLA Citation Help:

Find the following style guides in the library:

  • “A Writer’s Reference” by Diana Hacker
  • “The Bedford Handbook” by Diana Hacker
  • “The Essentials of MLA Style” by Joseph Trimmer
  • “Doing Honest Work in College” by Charles Lipson

Standards for Written Work. Assignments and written work must adhere to standard collegiate forms of style. Students may reference either the MLA or the Chicago Manual of Style; Questions about style should be addressed before assignments are due.

Papers should be typed, double-spaced, font size no larger than 12 point, margins no greater than 1 inch, and multiple-page documents must be numbered. Papers will be penalized for editing mistakes. Always retain a copy of your paper on disk and a hard-copy of your paper in case the original is lost or damaged.

Submitting Assignments.
Students will use to submit most assignments. Specific AAA Syllabus Outline Page 3 of 4 instructions for using this program will be reviewed during class, and specific deadlines for assignments will be posted for each assignment.

Late or missed assignments.
Assignments are due on the assigned date regardless of a student’s  attendance in the class.

Late assignments will be penalized one letter grade. Work that is more than one weeks late will not be accepted for credit. In extreme situations, students may make arrangements for an extension only if they have spoken with the instructor prior to the assignment’s due date. MIDTERM and FINAL assignments will not be accepted after the due date.